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"I happened to be at the Family Leisure Centre with my two sons, both play hockey, one in Timbits and the other plays in Novice, and ran into Cash and Grady, who happened to there as well.  We were talking and I mentioned that my oldest son Brock is in a tournament in Irvine and loves playing hockey and is very passionate about it. I said that Brock was really struggling with his games this weekend but can be an awesome rusher and plays the puck well.  Cash and Grady immediately asked if they could meet him and if it would be ok if they talk to him, to give him some words of encouragement. I said of course, and brought him over, they both gave some very powerful words of encouragement and showed him some defensive skills.  All these things they did not have to do, but they took the time to be a leader and a mentor for my son who said in the car, I am going to get a goal for them.  Brock ended up with the heart and hustle award and he wanted me to show the two boys and school. I just wanted to share this moment with you to.  I ended up also going into the classroom and sharing this story with class. It was a very powerful moment and one that will remain close to my sons heart, but also a pretty big moment for these two boys."
~ Heather
“Couldn’t ask for anything more to be honest...The academy isn’t anything based on a team. It’s more skill level stuff - skating, stick handling, strength training - so it has 100% been a big difference the last four months, since August.”    
~ Shawn Unreiner
“He (Callen) comes home happy all the time. I mean, what more can you really ask? He’s never complaining, he’s always excited to go to school and to get to the academy. He’s learning a lot of good things on the ice. For me the biggest thing is that he’s enjoying it and that’s ultimately what you want.”
~ Chris Prosofsky
“My son Cayden Dumanowski is currently enrolled in the academy at Eagle Butte. I would just like to say how much he is enjoying the program, the coaches, teachers and everyone involved. For a kid that had to move from small town Oyen to Medicine Hat to play hockey, Eagle Butte and the SAHA have made the academic transition very easy...Planning for next season is already in our minds and Cayden’s ultimate goal is to continue playing hockey and billeting down in Medicine Hat, and hopefully attending SAHA.”
~ Jennifer Dumanowski
“My boys are always excited and happy and talking about the academy when they get home. It’s been a very positive experience for sure.” 
~ Shaune Harty   
Being in the academy has helped 100%. In practice we focus on team needs and systems, but in academy we get to focus on individual skills and individual growth.”
~ Quintin Unreiner

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